HALO A21 Two Channel Power Amp
Circuitry designed by legendary John Curl
THX Ultra2 certified.
 High bias Class A/AB Operation. Balanced inputs with discrete circuits

We have already formed ourselves one of the pioneers in terms of Hi Fi solutions including home theater and now relocated ourselves in a complete Mega Brand Shop which is first ever in Bangladesh representing not only big names but also a complete solutions to audiophiles. Fully equipped with several Hi-End demo rooms including home theater and highly profound audio listening house.

The Company started its journey in 1990 by late A.K. Bazlur Rahim, an ideal banker and one of the first generation Audiophile who was entirely into the world of music and sound as a hobby. After him his son Sayedur Rahim, Bappi has expanded this business into a different dimension even though from the commerce Presently the business not only limited to Audiophile but also to various ranges