Our Team

Sayedur Rahim Bappi


As an audiophile and as an enterprenuer Saidur Rahim bappi is the founder and CEO of Noise. He acquired his inspiration from his later father who was also a pioneer and an audiophile. Mr. Bappi has achieved implementing a large scale of Hi Fi audio influence among the country as well as among the majority of the audio lovers in Bangladesh. He has made successful partnership with many world reknowned Hi Fi brands and continuing his journey in this filed. 

Mrs. Sajia Afrin

Financial Advisor

Mrs. Sajia Afrin is active as the Head of Finance and also acting as our advisor is an academic talent who achived board stand in both Hons. and Masters. She is very hard working and creative. 

Ershad Hazari

Senior Technical Advisor

Mr. Ershad Hazari is a senior technical advisor and a great a audiophile in Bangladesh.  He mainly suggests and looks into all the major technical aspects of Noise. He maintains a non profitable audio lab at his own home where he continue his researches and other activities.