The Company started its journey in 1990 by late A.K. Bazlur Rahim, an ideal banker and one of the first generation Audiophile who was entirely into the world of music and sound as a hobby. After him his son Sayedur Rahim, Bappi has expanded this business into a different dimension even though from the commerce background but his passion and dream as a listener has made this journey till today.

Presently the business not only limited to Audiophile but also to various ranges of national and multinational companies focusing through service and products collection or different renowned brands.

Our Wings

I Hi Fi Digital Audio

Seller and supplier of major renowned Hi Fi Brands of all kinds of audio and video systems
including Hi-End Cables.

II Noise

Deals with High-End audio systems and has its own custom space for Home Theater Demo through high standard sound and projection system.

III Mad Club

In here we express our thoughts and share music with our clients which can be addressed as a audio critic’s place where they can spend some quality time including buying or to order CD’s from our own collection.